Sara Hadlow


A short description of myself: Relatively short, a little bit tubby and loud. 

Seriously: I have worked at the University of Birmingham for around five years as a programme administrator in both undergraduate and post graduate offices.  Both are incredibly large and busy schools so I feel I have a very good understanding of what my fellow 400s go through on a daily basis.  Prior to that I spent twenty years in the commercial sector in Business Development and Marketing Management roles so understand the pressures managers face as well as the Public v Private sector issues.  Out side of work I am all about textiles and surface embellishment – OK, sussed, that’s just a posh version of saying sewing!

Why did I decide to be a work place contact:

I believe passionatly in what Unison stands for within the University.  Fairness, comradery and supporting those who need a little help from time to time.  I also believe that if I want this support for myself I need to be there for others.