UNISON Officer Roles

The UNISON rule book requires that each branch shall elect, annually, the following core
branch officers:
• branch chairperson
• branch secretary
• treasurer
• education co-ordinator
• lifelong learning coordinator
• equality co-ordinator
• health and safety officer
• communications officer
• membership officer
• international officer
• young members officer
• welfare officer
• Labour Link officer (elected by APF payers).

Branches are also entitled to elect other branch officers to assist with the work of the branch in accordance with the rules. This may include a branch women’s officer, Black members’ officer, LGBT officer, disabled members’ officer.

Branches may also wish to create branch officer posts to lead on recruitment, publicity, and/or social activities. Such positions may be directly elected or filled through a process of delegation and work-sharing within the branch committee. To support a sectional structure, branches may appoint “senior” stewards or “convenors” to lead organisation and bargaining at the level of each bargaining unit. Each branch officer post may be shared between two or more members, subject to the approval of the branch. Branches are required to give serious consideration to making use of this facility as an effective means of sharing the workload and involving more members in the work of the branch.