Officers, Reps and Workplace Contacts

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2019/2020 Branch Officers:

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Workplace/Departmental Contacts:

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School of Biosciences

Karen Staples


School of Biosciences:

Faduma Egeh

Health & Safety Rep -Estates

Joe Simpson 

(webpage07811 429545

Black Members Officer &

Co-Equalities Officer

Paula Douglas


Business School

Jodie Hopewell


Business School

Shirley Adolphus


Cleaning Services

Alice Mulholland

Co-Equalities Officer and Treasurer:

Vicky Upton

Cleaning Services (TBA) Cleaning Services

Stephen Haynes



Equality Rep for Academic Services

Vicky Upton

Health & Safety Officer & Joint Branch Secretary: 

Michael Moore

0796 492 6949


College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Julie Alonzo

0777 205 3513 (webpage)

Careers Network

Joe Finn


Joint Branch Secretary & Membership Officer: 

Lee Crutchley

07709 583 846

IT Services

Rai Furniss-Greasley


Student Hub

Erica Pickering


Disabled Members’ Officer:

Rai Furniss-Greasley


School of Geography

Marian Jordan


Student Services/Student Hub

Jaspal Kalsi

Education Officer & Communications Officer:

Jodie Hopewell


External Relations

Gary Hilton



Ian Killeen


Membership Officer:

Ioana Cerasella Chis


Postal Services

Perry Connolly

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Rabia Khanum

Membership Officer

Jasmine Hide


Library Services

Emma Fox Wilson


School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion

Xen Lu

Women’s co-officer:

Emma Green

Women’s co-officer:

Alison Dingle

Labour Link Officer:

Rory Shannon

International Officer:

Samina Kurd

Vacant officer roles:

Young members’ officer

Campaigns officer

Lifelong Learning officer

Recruitment officer

Anti-outsourcing officer

Academic liaison officer

Pensions officer

Publicity officer

Social activities officer

Environmental officer

Retired members’ officer


The 2018/2019 Officer committee:

ChairIoana Cerasella Chis (,

Joint Branch Secretaries – Mike Moore ( and Lee Crutchley (

Treasurer – Vicky Upton

Co-equalities Officer – Paula Douglas ( and Vicky Upton (

Welfare Officer – Paul Butler (

LGBTQ Members’ Officer – Claire McHale (

Women’s Officer – Alison Dingle (

Membership Officers – Jasmine Hide (, Lee Crutchley, Ioana Cerasella Chis, and Paula Douglas

Disabled Members’ Officer – Rai Furniss-Greasley (

Education Officer – Jodie Hopewell (

Labour Link Officer – Rory Shannon

Health and Safety Officer – Mike Moore

Information regarding the responsibilities of the roles above: