10 Great Reasons to join UNISON at the University of Birmingham

1. Get help if you have a problem at work. If you feel you’re not being treated fairly or are facing difficulties at work, then we’re here to help. Every year, we help over 50 members at Birmingham University with flexible working, stress, disability, stopping harassment and much more. We have dedicated reps at the University to help you when you need it.

2. Have a say in how to improve things in your workplace. UNISON is there to make work a better place. Working together means we have a stronger voice to talk to the University about the improvements we want. From shift patterns and weekend working to additional staff we have helped make a difference.

3. Restructure. Organisations restructuring seems to be all the rage these days, and not necessarily for the better. The University of Birmingham continue to undertake restructures. We negotiate to make sure everyone’s salary is protected, to prevent job losses, and to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

4. Undervalued? You earn more in a unionised workplace. Average earnings are higher in unionised workplaces and we negotiate direct with the University on your behalf – more members means a bigger voice.

5. Deserve a break? You get 25% more annual leave on average in a unionised workplace. Help us to keep it that way.

6. At Risk? Your less likely to be injured in a unionised workplace, which is how we want to keep it and that is why we have a trained Health and Safety officer in our branch. If the worst does happen, UNISON is there to help you get compensation.

7. More and better training. Workers in unionised workplaces are more likely to receive job-related training. We have agreed with the University that training does not always have to be job-related, as training is also about your career progression. We signed a learning agreement with HAS to help staff get the training they need to further their careers. We have a dedicated Learning Officer in our branch.

8. RESPECT. You’re less likely to be discriminated against in a Unionised workplace, together we can keep it that way and stand up for each other when needed. We have a dedicated Equalities Officer in our branch, and campaign issues affecting Women, Black Members, LGBT Members and Disabled Members.

9. Welfare. UNISON provides a free debt service, discounted holidays and grants for members and their families. We have a dedicated Welfare Officer to help you when you need us – remember, it’s solidarity not charity.

10. Keep Public Services Public and Education for all. UNISON is committed to working to keep all our public services, including schools, colleges and Universities, protected from all forms of privatisation including PFI, cuts and contracting out. We believe and campaign for Education to be free for all so that everyone regardless of their background can fulfil their potential.