Join & Get Involved in UNISON


Joining Unison is really easy. You can do it either by:

Then email Lee (, so we can add you to the branch membership list straightaway.

Get Actively Involved!

When you make the decision to join UNISON you become part of an active community of professionals supporting each other. Every member who becomes active in our union makes it stronger, whether it’s getting involved in our campaigns, attending your branch meeting, volunteering to help your local branch committee, training to become a representative or standing for election. We are a vibrant, active democratic community committed to improving the lives of our members at work. Get involved and help make us even more effective!

We are always in need for more members to be actively involved – i.e. as reps for their area of work, officers on the committee, and as general members willing to provide advice and logistical support in areas such as, for instance, Health and Safety, Equal Pay campaigns, casework, grievances, communications, stuffing envelopes, and more!

Types of involvement:

  • As an Officer – through annual branch-level elections; officers represent the entire branch membership
  • As a Steward for your area of work – through local (workplace-based) elections; Stewards represent their own area of work
  • As a Departmental/Workplace contact – by volunteering to be the link between the Officer committee and members (i.e. distributing information, pointing members and potential members to relevant sources of advice, and so on).

Are you interested in learning more about your rights, and supporting other colleagues on campus? Then please do consider getting in touch with us! 

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