Rights at Work

Basic Rights at Work

  • Pay You are entitled to receive your monthly or weekly pay according to your job band without any deductions except those you agree to in advance
  • Rest There is a legal minimum of 11 uninterrupted hours in every day (24 hour period)
  • Breaks If you work more than 6 hours you have to have a 20 minute break within those 6 hours by law. This can not be at the start or end of the 6 hours
  • Holiday Your contract entitles you to 25 days annual leave per year, in addition to bank holidays and University closed days. This is por rata (proportional for part time staff)
  • Overtime
    • If you work more than 36 hours per week in a normal week you are entitled to time and a half pay
    • If you work your first rest day, its paid at time and a half
    • If you work your 2nd rest day, regardless of whether you worked your first rest day, its double time
    • If you work on a bank holiday or University closed day then its double time plus a time off in lieu
  • Compassionate Leave Your contract gives discretion for your manager to allow up to 5 days compassionate leave, which should not be unreasonably refused
  • Dignity and Respect We all have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and work without harassment
  • Equality We are all different but equal and have the right to be treated equally regardless of grounds of sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religion or belief, race, disability, age and or the membership of a trade union.


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Below is a basic overview of your rights at work based on the support staff contract of employment. Please view the links on the left for more information about specific issues. Please note all the pages on this website are just an overview of your rights and are not intended as a legal guide.

  1. Disciplinaries, Grievances and Performance Management 
  2. Equality, Discrimination, and Harrassment 
  3. Attendance, Sickness Reporting, and Occupational Health
  4. Flexible Working
  5. Parental Leave and Pregnancy
  6. Personal Data and Information Access
  7. Redeployment
  8. Severe Weather Guidelines
  9. Shift Allowances
  10. Support Services at Work
  11. Probation – New Starters
  12. Health and Safety

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