We negotiate for better pay and conditions for all support staff, members or not. We help individual members with advice and represent them when they need it. We campaign for a fairer, better workplace and society and we are driven by putting jobs and education before profit.

Who are we?

  • Mike Moore Joint branch secretary m.moore.1@bham.ac.uk
  • Lee Crutchley Joint branch secretary l.crutchley@bham.ac.uk
  • Jodie Hopewell Chair 
  • Katherine Roberts Treasurer 
  • Paula Douglas Equality officer  
  • Maria Antonopoulou Pensions officer 
  • Lizee Oliver Comms officer 
  • Angie McCann Joint welfare officer 
  • Samina Kurd Joint welfare officer 
  • Ian Killeen Environmental officer 
  • Alice Mulholland Retired members officer 
  • Mohammed Al-Dhubab Safety rep
  • John De Crescenzo Steward 
  • Nick McHugh Safety rep

    What do we do?

    Your committee is made up of branch officers and local representatives, we are a diverse bunch from across the University who are dedicated to making the University a better place to work.

    We advise and represent support staff and academic-related staff, either directly employed by the University of Birmingham, the Guild of Students, the Edgbaston Park Hotel or by private contractors. You can join if you are employed by a temp agency like Pertemps, or working on a casual contract via Worklink.

    How we work together.

    Branches are democratic and accountable to members.

    We hold regular meetings to decide branch policy with members, usually 1 hour meetings every month with a longer annual general meeting every year. We try and make our meetings as accessible as possible, scheduling multiple slots at different times and also trying to make every meeting a “hybrid” meeting. You can see examples of motions passed by our meetings on our blog.

    In between meetings, decisions are made by our committee, elected yearly at our Annual General Meeting. All officers are elected from amongst the membership while receiving training and support from UNISON’s national structures.

    We always welcome members who want to be more active and would love to hear about the skills you can bring to the table. Find out more about branch democracy, how members control the decision making processes of the branch and why its so important to participate.

    Stay connected or get in touch.

    How we communicate:

    • We send members emails and text messages whenever we have updates
    • We publish a quarterly newsletter
    • We can be reached via email at: unisonbham@contacts.bham.ac.uk
    • We share regularly via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
    • We post our most comprehensive information on issues as well as the results of motions via regular blogs which we also amend and update.