Departmental/Workplace Contacts

Departmental/Workplace Contacts are UNISON members who have volunteered to be a link between the Branch Committee and members located in particular parts of the university. In such a large organisation they play an important role on behalf of the union. There is no ‘job spec’ for Departmental/Workplace Contacts – some are happy to offer help and advice, others are happy to point members with a query in the right direction.

For instance, you could:

  • be a point of contact between members and the branch;
  • recruit new members or introduce new employees to a branch officer;
  • offer support at work by advising members and potential members on where to seek assistance;
  • keep noticeboards up to date; distribute information. 
  • workplace contacts have a more informal role than stewards or safety representatives. They can also operate as part of a network supporting an elected steward.
  • as a Contact, members could approach you in the first instance if they have a query. If you can’t help, you would just need to direct them to someone who can.

Please find below a few UNISON booklets on supporting and representing members: