Get Help

Individual workplace problems

If you are having problems at work, you can talk to one of our trained caseworkers for advice.  We can help with all kinds of problems, including (but not restricted to): bullying & harassment, unreasonable workloads, problems with a manager, sickness policy, performance monitoring, probation, disability issues, disciplinary cases, grievances, redundancies and severance. 

You decide on the level of help you need: you may be just looking for advice before you tackle the problem yourself, or you may want your caseworker to take a more active role, e.g. raising concerns with HR or representing you in a formal hearing. When necessary, our caseworkers can also consult full-time UNISON officials for expert and legal advice. 

We would always advise you to contact us as soon as you are aware that there is a problem, in many cases early advice and action can prevent the problem getting worse or at the very least strengthen your case. We can talk to you by phone, email or in person.

How to get help: please contact Lee Crutchley ( / 07709 583846) or Michael Moore ( / 07964926949). The details you give will help us to link you to a caseworker with the most appropriate experience for your issue. All casework is treated confidentially. Once you join we can help with advice and a caseworker. A member must have joined at least four weeks before the incident or occurrence that leads them to seek that assistance. Subscription payments must be up to date.

Shared workplace problems

If you are concerned about an issue which is also affecting others in your area, you can raise this with us (go to our Committee page), and we will find the best way of helping you.

Health and Safety issues

We have several Health and Safety reps who take part in the University of Birmingham Health and Safety Committee meetings. The Health and Safety reps are on our Committee page, or there’s further information on our Health and Safety page.

Information on employment issues

If you are just looking for information, there are a number of sources available to you:

The national UNISONDirect (the UNISON Helpline) website. 

The University of Birmingham also offers a number of wellbeing resources to all staff on the Workplace Wellbeing page. 


UNISON There for You services (please visit this page) cover:

  • Tax credits and Universal Credit
  • Financial assistance
  • Wellbeing breaks
  • General advice
  • Debtline support
  • Support There for You
  • Welfare Reform
  • Worried about money?