Jodie Hopewell

I have decided to become a workplace contact for Unison because I believe that the increased visibility of the Branch across the colleges and schools is crucial to making a difference within the University. Workplace contacts provide a valuable connection between the Committee and current or prospective members, creating the opportunity to share information on our campaigns as well as raise and answer questions.

I have been working at the University for almost 2 years now and prior to that I did my Undergraduate Degree in Political Science and Sociology here. I have a keen interest in workplace wellbeing and passionately believe that we should all be united in striving for a better work-life-balance. I am particularly interested in the issues surrounding the fragmentation of staff through the creation of subsidiary companies, and the real life implications of surviving on salaries that fall below the line of inflation.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you’ve made it this far, hope you will consider becoming a member!