Pay resolution – Jan 2018

Pay resolution

This branch notes

  1. The imposition of a below inflation pay award for all support staff, with inflation at 3.9% in August 2017
  2. Average UK earnings are now £24 648 per year. Nearly all University support staff earn below this figure
  3. On the 22nd August the University stated that an RPI pay offer would be, ‘at the outer limits of what the University could afford’
  4. We estimate at a 5% across the board pay rise would only cost the University £2.7m per year
  5. The University’s published accounts for 2015/2016 show an annual income of £650 million, a 9% increase on the previous year and showing an annual profit of £83 million
  6. The recent headlines regarding the Vice Chancellors pay rise and bonus.

This branch believes

  1. It is obscene for the Vice Chancellor to receive a £50,000 bonus on top of one the highest Vice chancellor salaries in the UK whilst University employees are paid below the real Living Wage of £8.75
  2. The University have shown time and again they can afford an above inflation pay rise for staff but that they will not pay it until forced to do so.

This branch further believes

  1. If the branch continues to grow in strength, increasing its membership and number of active members that we can win a decent pay rises for all staff.

This branch agrees to:

Leaflet University opens days, applicant visit day and other public University events and to highlight

  1. The important role support and professional staff perform
  2. The high pay of the vice chancellor, his associated benefits and that of other senior staff
  3. The lack of staff representatives on University council or senate and the 2nd class rights support staff have
  4. The University failure to be a Living Wage employer
  5. The University wants higher tuition fee’s whilst UNISON want a free and publicly funded higher education system.
  1. To put together a list of large internal University events with support staff and to leaflet them with information about our pay cuts over the past 9 years
  2. To write to all MP’s and councillors high lighting the University is not a Living Wage employer
  3. To continue to stage further protests