Guide to the redeployment process

What is redeployment?

The University has a duty to identify suitable alternative employment within the university to avoid staff redundancies. As a redeployment candidate (near the end of a fixed-term contract, facing redundancy, medical reasons or other personal reasons), you have certain rights:

Redeployment meeting

Once you have been identified as eligible for redeployment, HR should write to you offering you a meeting with the Redeployment Officer. During the meeting, HR should:

  • Discuss with you your knowledge, skills and experience and encouraged to identify the kind of job/work you are seeking
  • Ask you if there is any reasonable training you may need to secure the role(s) you are seeking
  • Inform you about how the redeployment procedure and policy works
  • Tell you about the redeployment website
  • Give you CV advice if required and advice on other sources of internal and external help and information.

Applying as a redeployment candidate

  1. You can apply through the redeployment website, where all support staff posts and Academic-Related and Research Grade 6 and 7 posts are advertised exclusively for 5 days before they are advertised on the main job website.
  2. You will have to complete the same online application form as other candidates and on the “Personal Details (continued)” choose the option to indicate that you are a redeployment candidate. You should also inform your Redeployment Officer that you have applied for the job.
  3. You should be automatically shortlisted if you meet all the essential criteria for the post (according to your application) and be offered an interview. Where possible you should be interviewed before any other (non-redeployment) candidates.
  4. If you are not shortlisted or rejected after interview, you should be given detailed written feedback against the job criteria as to why you did not meet the essential criteria.
  5. A redeployment candidate who meets the essential criteria at interview should be appointed to the role in preference to all other non-redeployment candidates.

If you don’t agree with the decisions made, you have the right to appeal in writing. Please see the information below for help with this.

If you think the redeployment procedure has not been followed, if you want to appeal a decision, or if you just want advice at any stage during the redeployment process, please get in touch with us through our contact page and we can support you!