Severe weather guidelines

Do you know what to do if severe weather hits?

The University have agreed guidelines with UNISON.

If severe weather hits whilst you’re at work:


  • Worsening weather conditions mean that Staff in general may have difficulty in travelling home, the Head of your College or Service may decide to send you home.
  • In these circumstances the University will not deduct any pay and cannot force you to make the time up or take annual leave etc.
  • If you believe you will have problems getting home you can ask your Manager to leave early. However they may then ask you to make the time up.


If severe weather happens overnight and prevents you from getting to work:


  • You should firstly inform your line Manager as soon as safely practicable
  • You can ask for one of the following 3 options:


  1. Take a day’s annual leave. If you have used up all your leave, you can take a day from the following year.
  2. You can agree to make the time up on dates/times agreed with your Manager.
  3. If your Manager agrees, you can take the day as unpaid leave. They should not force you into taking this option.

If severe weather makes you late in getting to work

  • You should inform your line Manager as soon as safely practicable.
  • You will not be required to make the time up or have any pay deducted.

UNISON Welfare

If you suddenly find yourself in financial trouble we are here to help. Please get in touch with Matt or Lee through our contact pages.