Advice for Academic-Related members regarding the upcoming strike action

I’m academic related/ academic – what does the strike mean for me? 

For academic and academic related staff, we are not calling you out on strike, therefore we have not notified the University on your behalf. It is your choice on whether you feel you need to follow the University’s guidance. You do have the right not to cross a picket line, however! We are happy to advise you on your individual situation and will support you in whatever you decide. On the day itself, we will be encouraging all staff not to cross the picket line, and instead to join us for a few hours of discussions, fun, and collective hope!

UNISON aren’t calling on you to take strike action but as UCU (the recognised union for academic and related staff) and Unite have done for their members, we can share the following government advice: 

  • Non-union members who take part in legal, official industrial action have the same rights as union members not to be dismissed as a result of taking action.” guidance
  • “The law allows pickets to seek to explain their case to those entering or leaving the picketed premises, and/or to ask them not to enter or leave the premises where the dispute is taking place. This may be done by speaking to people, or it may involve the distribution of leaflets or the carrying of banners or placards putting the pickets’ case.” CoP on Picketing
  • “Where picketing takes place, employees not directly involved in the industrial action may refuse to cross picket lines. Such employees can normally be regarded as being on strike and treated accordingly.” LGA guidance

UNISON will be asking all staff not to cross the picket line on Friday (as in all strike ballots) and the University has confirmed that those who do so should be treated as if they are on strike.

This is not a call to action.

We attach below the flyer we used during the strike ballot, which has more information regarding what you could do to support the strike:

Because of the way union recognition works at the University, we could not include you in a formal strike ballot as part of this dispute. However, by working with UCU (the recognised union for academic and academic-related staff) we will make sure you can refuse to cross the picket line with confidence. We’re hoping that this campaign will lead to improvements in working conditions across the board at the University – not just a (much needed) pay rise for support staff. 

On the day, please use Twitter and other social media platforms to tweet about the strike, the demands, and the importance of sticking together. Use #hellobrum, #weareuob and #uobstrike especially.