UNISON Benefits

In workplaces where there are unions, members benefit from the strength and security that comes from working together to tackle problems. Employees at unionised workplaces earn around 12.5% more than non-unionised workplaces.

The major benefits are:

  • better working conditions such as improved health and safety or pay;
  • increased ability to help others and to make a difference collectively; 
  • training for new skills to help you develop your career;
  • advice on your legal employment rights;
  • advice on finance and problems at work.

Trade unions may also represent their members’ interests outside the workplace. For example, trade unions may lobby the government or the European Union on policies which promote their objectives.

As well as offering you support and enabling you to become active in shaping your workplace, UNISON membership offers a variety of advantages and discount to its members:

UNISON There for You

A unique service providing support to members when life gets tough. Confidential advice on debt, financial assistance for members facing real hardship, wellbeing breaks for members struggling with health issues and unable to work.

We also offer breaks for families who cannot afford a day’s outing or holiday and help and support for people who are struggling with a range of issues including domestic abuse and debt. 

Legal advice

All UNISON members are entitled to free legal advice and assistance with work-related issues (terms and conditions apply).

UNISON members can also access free initial legal advice on non-work related issues, along with support for members and their family members for personal injury cases outside work, a free wills service for you and for your partner if you have mirror wills, low-cost conveyancing and help with immigration issues.

Training for members and activists

UNISON runs a range of education and training courses that are open to all members.

Some of these courses are aimed at helping members to improve their general skills, for example using computers or building their confidence. Our member development programme includes the award winning Return to Learn programme for members interested in getting back into learning.

Other courses are designed to help members play a more active role in UNISON through our comprehensive training programme for workplace representatives and branch officers, including health and safety, equalities or learning reps. We also offer taster courses on key issues.

All of our courses are free to members.

Rule book benefits

Full members are entitled to benefits paid out on: death, accident, fatal accident. Education and training grants are also available.

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