Pay and working conditions demands 2018

Update on the pay claim 2018/2019 – demands to be submitted to the university management as part of negotiations

After the final pay negotiations meeting, we wrote an update on the university’s offer and its refusal to address most of our pay claim points. The article can be found here. Below is a set of demands that UNISON, together with the other recognised trade unions on campus, intend to submit to the University management early in November.
Some of the demands have further action points – to access them, please click on the relevant image, and a pop-up with text will appear.
They will be discussed at the Support Staff joint members’ meetings on the 25th of October – 9.15am and 12.30pm. Please attend and send this link to non-members too!


Casualisation, job security, and workload

Provide 38 weeks of under 3s childcare to all staff, capped at a total cost of 10% of annual salary, by 2020

Commit to rewriting the flexible working policy in negotiation with the trade unions

Offer the same rights to people on casual contracts as those who are employees

Reduce the number of disciplinary proceedings against Cleaning Services Staff

Ensure cases of absence are referred to and seen by Occupational Health before any formal processes are implemented

 Draw up an action plan to close the gender pay gap by 2020

Bring staff in the Hotel and Conference Park back in-house Stop the creeping implementation of any ‘5 in 7’ and ‘annualised hours’ contracts
End all 9 month teaching and research contracts, with a minimum length of 12 month for standard positions Fair and consistent workload allocation
Support non-EU and EU staff by providing certainty of employment status Address Trade Unions’ Concerns relating to the new campus in Dubai Commit to extending sick pay in cases of serious illness and disability-related absence Where any member of staff has worked on fixed term contracts for more than 4 years, the University must have a policy in place committing them to offering permanent contracts, as required by employment law

Offer genuine double-pay and time off in lieu to all support staff who work on bank holidays and university closed days

Ensure 50% quotas for women and non-binary panel members on all appointment and promotion panels

Stop the pricing out of staff from the Sports Centre Commit to a single Welfare and Wellbeing Services strategy and ensure proper support structures and safety of College Welfare and Wellbeing staff Adopt the recommended HEPI (Higher Education Policy Institute) student-to-counsellor ratio, and recruit 21 more accredited counsellors (FTE Have union representation on disciplinary hearing panels for all staff

Sign the TUC ‘Dying to Work’ Charter


Commit to working with the unions to implement a comprehensive domestic violence and harassment policy
Formal agreement that all casualised and part-time comittee members of recognised trade unions are entitled to the same level of paid facilities time to carry out trade union duties as full time staff End vacancy saving targets for Budget Centres and ensure all positions are well-resourced Ensure that all staff are employed on full employment contracts, with the University as the recognised employer

Provide adequate car parking facilities and work with the trade unions on campus to better incentivise sustainable transport

Support the Period Dignity Campaign Guarantee that the opportunity to enrol on the University’s HEA Accredited PGCHE will be made available to all teaching staff For all teaching and research staff, full employment contracts should be drawn up with a clear description of the role of the job in question and offered before the start of term so that staff can be paid during the month that they start work