About Us

When you make the decision to join UNISON you become part of an active community of professionals supporting each other. Every member who becomes active in our union makes it stronger, whether it’s getting involved in our campaigns, attending your branch meeting, volunteering to help your local branch committee, training to become a representative or standing for election. We are a vibrant, active democratic community committed to improving the lives of our members at work. Get involved and help make us even more effective!

Who are we?
Who are UNISON?

Our UNISON branch represents professional staff at the University of Birmingham, including both support staff and academic related staff, either directly employed by the University or by private contractors. We negotiate for better pay and conditions collectively – for all our support staff, UNISON members or not – we help individuals in trouble and campaign for a fairer, better society – we put jobs and education before profit.

You can read more about our current campaigns on our homepage. To become a member, please complete the application form, which can be found on our joining page.

UNISON is one of the UK’s largest trade unions, serving more than 1.3 million members. We represent full-time and part-time staff who provide public services, although they may be employed in both the public and private sectors.

UNISON represents and acts for members working in a range of public services and utilities, whether they’re employed by private companies, public authorities or in the community and voluntary sector. We represent members, negotiate and bargain on their behalf, campaign for better working conditions and pay and for public services, and more besides.

Find out more on the main UNISON website.



I work at The University of Birmingham, but not for the University of Birmingham. Can I join?

Yes. We have members who work for agencies outside of University of Birmingham. You are very welcome to join us.

I am a student working through Worklink. Can I join?


Why would I join if I don’t have a problem?

UNISON helps out members when they are in need, but that is only a part of what we do. The more of us there are, the louder our voice is, and the better deal we get for everyone. Your membership fees go to supporting colleagues and ensuring that everyone is treated equally.