Campaigning materials – leaflets, posters, memes

If you wish to spread the word about our dispute with the University of Birmingham, campaigns and strike ballot for fair pay, equality, and improved working conditions, please see our list of materials available (both hyperlinked and displayed below).

Strike flyers

Info leaflet Nov-Dec p.1 (.png)

Info leaflet Nov-Dec p.2 (.png)

Hoof Sticker [.png]

Strike flyer – Nov/Dec [.png]

Strike Banner – Nov/Dec [.png All staff Strike – Nov-Dec [.png
Which side are you on? [.png] Flyer student-staff meeting (.png)

Flyer Oct p.1 (.png)

Flyer Oct p.2 (.png)

Real Birmingham Heroes (.png)

Flyer Sep p.1 (.png)

Flyer Sep p.2 (.png)

Children’s clothesbank

Graduation strike poster (png)

Flyer July p.1 (png)

Flyer July p.2 (png)

Statement by a Nicky, a member (.png)

Flyer for student visitors and parents Jun p.1 (front – png)

Flyer for student visitors and parents Jun p.2 (png)

Birmingham Heroes – outsourcing (banner – png)

Sticker (png)

Poster (png) Flyer for members (front png)

Flyer for members (back png)

Flyer for nonmembers (front png)

Flyer for non-members (back) (png)

Flyer (png)

Sticker (png)

Minted (.png)
Pay disparity at UoB  (png)

Gender Pay Gap (png)

Strike action results (png)

Pay Spine demand (.png)

Strike banner (.png)

Inequality – video photoshot (png)

What we fight for (png)

Twitter banner (png)

Flourishing (png)

Who is a real Birmingham Hero? (png)

Worklink statement1 [.png]

Worklink statement2 [.png]

Quote – Verna [.png]

Quote – Ravi [.png]

Quote – Donna [.png]

Quote – Grace [.png]

Quote – Pete [.png]

Quote – Liam [.png]

Quote – Nicky [.png]

Quote – Dave [.png]

Birmingham Heroes’ subvertising:







Strike advice and mythbusters:

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Strike ballot flyers:

Poster for the ballot (pdf) (png)

Flyer for members (pdf) (png1 png2)

Flyer for non-members (pdf) (png1 png2)

Flyer for AR members (pdf) (png1 png2)

Flyer for UCU members (pdf) (png1 png2)

We called but you were not in… (pdf) (png)

Flyer – End Outsourcing at UoB & bring Edgbaston Park Hotel staff in-house (pdf) (png – for non-staff

Poster – Cut Senior Managers’ Pay, Not Ours! (pdf) (png)

Campaign video (youtube)


@AcupunctureUSS’ Beetroot video (not part of the campaign, but worth checking out!)  

David Eastwood Sticker – It’s High Noon (.png)

Outsourcing at the Edgbaston Park Hotel 1p/hour pay rise poster (pdf) (png)

End outsourcing at Edgbaston Park Hotel (png for staff)

Banner (png)

Pet [.png]