Further days of strike action: Thu 28th, Fri 29th Nov and Mon 2nd Dec 2019


The next UNISON strike dates are due to be Thursday 28th November, Friday 29th November and Monday the 2nd December.

Birmingham UCU branch will be on strike for 8 consecutive days, between Mon 25th November and Wed 4th December. We note that any member of staff who does not wish to cross the picket lines can do so based on their own conscience. The University have confirmed that nobody will be treated differently based on whether or not they are a union member, or a member of the union that is on strike.

Our members are looking forward to being out with UCU and we will be doing so for three days, unless the University management come back to the negotiating table and agree to:
* confirm that the Edgbaston Park Hotel will pay the living wage rate on the same basis as the University
* confirm stipulations required about the pay spine talks
* release a public statement committing to beginning the process for accreditation within two years
* offer a pay rise that is at least 4% across the pay spines.

The University’s current offer is: 1.2% on top of the national offer of 1.8%, bottom-loaded. It is equivalent to a 4.85% offer at the bottom of the spine, gradually dropping to 3% throughout the spine for support staff. The committee have given it serious consideration and consulted members at well attended meetings last week.

While the revised offer is welcomed and the University have indicated it to be a final one, UNISON feel that there are key points (listed above) that need to be addressed before the offer will be acceptable to members.

Based on the members’ motion we have responded to the University and asked them to address the above points. We are calling on them to engage with us in negotiations over the next week and allow members to attend meetings in work time next Thursday (the 21st) to give their final verdict on the offer and any improvements. Subject to this meeting and the final decision on any offer from the University, the strike dates will provide a fantastic opportunity to stand in solidarity with UCU colleagues and to make the case together that things need to change on campus! All due preparations will be made to work with UCU on making it as big and powerful demonstration of solidarity and the strength of feeling amongst staff.

Postgraduate Open Day

It is important to recognise that the proposed strike dates surround the campus wide Postgraduate Open Day on Saturday 30th November. This is an important recruitment activity for the University and all members should rest assured that the collective absence of UNISON and UCU staff in the run up to this event will be both well publicised and felt by senior management. In addition, this event provides a real opportunity to unite with academic colleagues and students to highlight the realities of life at UoB. There will be more to follow on this next week.

For information, please see below our advice on strike action:

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