Women’s Lives course – testimonial

Women’s Lives Course – Testimonial

Julie Alonzo

Unison Member, University of Birmingham

Completed Women’s Lives Course in 2013

I attended this 10 week course during 2013.  At the time I was a part time secretary seeking a new direction but not really knowing at the time exactly what I was looking for.  At that time my youngest children were in primary school and I was looking for ways of broadening my horizons with a view to gaining full time employment.  This 10 week course was an ideal way for me to find out more about learning opportunities and developing my self-confidence with a view to continuing my education. 

Over the 10 weeks I really enjoyed engaging with the other women on the course and learning through our shared experiences.   As well as the weekly sessions there was a Saturday School where we also met with tutors and women from the other Women’s Lives courses in the region.  Over the 10 weeks were set 3 assignments which were set to reinforce our learning from the weekly sessions and enable us to earn the nationally recognised learning credits via the Worker’s Educational Association (WEA).  At the end of the course I was really proud of what I had achieved and it was lovely to have this achievement recognised at an Awards evening held at Unison Regional Office where we were given our certificates of achievement.

I would recommend this course to any woman who wishes to find out more about how to further her education as it is an ideal springboard for a route into self-development and academic success.  I went onto complete a GCSE in mathematics course the following year which I feel has improved my job prospects and I now work full-time.

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