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How would you spend your 1p/hour pay rise? This is the ‘reward’ Edgbaston Park Hotel staff have received for next year

Staff employed by Edgbaston Park Hotel (company set up and owned by the University!) have received a…… 1p pay rise…… so that their salaries would be brought up to the national MINIMUM Wage (£8.21). The National Living Wage rate is £9/hour.

The University have committed to matching the Living Wage rate for 1 year (after constant pressure from unions and the threat of indicative ballot for strike action), so staff employed directly by the University are being paid £9/hour, and the outsourced workers on campus are on much worse terms and conditions, and minimum wage pay.

The Hotel and the University are saying that the two are completely separate entities but then… why is the University’s logo and name on the Hotel’s building? It is clear – there is a two-tier workforce system on campus, and the only ones who are benefiting from that are the University and Hotel management boards.


Staff on Hotel contracts Staff on University contracts

No union recognition

(but if enough staff join, by law they will have to recognise us)

£8.21 minimum wage.

28 days leave & bank holidays.

No sick pay until 12 months’ service. 15 days of sick pay only after 3 years of service.

2 weeks’ notice if you are made redundant.

Union recognition.

£9 minimum wage.

40 days leave & bank holidays.

6 months sick pay after 6 months of service.

3 months’ notice if you are made redundant.


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