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Strike action called for 20, 21, 22 March

As we mentioned in our last post, the reballot for our dispute about pay and conditons at the University closed in February and our members made a clear decision to continue strike action, for the pay and terms and conditions we all deserve.

In our most recent members’ meeting, members expressed very clearly that:

  • We should not wait too long before calling more strike action, given the continuing refusal of the University to engage in meaningful negotiations
  • We need to take multiple days of action
  • We should aim to take action before the end of term

Based on all of this, the committee has decided to call for strike action on the 20, 21 and 22 March. These strike days fall in the last week of term and include an open day on the 20 March. They will provide excellent proof of the important role that support staff play at the University.

We do not take this decision lightly, and of course recognise the significant impact this action will have on the important services we provide. We urge the University to engage with us as soon as possible to find a solution to this long running dispute. 

The final decision on the strike days will be taken democratically by members at our meetings next Thursday 14 March – if you’ve not received details of the meeting please get in touch with us at unisonbham@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

Not a member yet? You can still join now and help us win our strike! All members who take action will be fully legally protected and can claim back lost salary from our strike fund. Email us or text Mike on 07964926949 for more information. 

Our strikes are for all support staff

We keep campus clean, run essential services and keep everyone safe and fed- we want fair pay and conditions that respect our important roles in keeping the university running. Strike action is worthwhile even if you felt you had to sign the new contract.

Winning our dispute could mean better pay, more secure working hours and better terms and conditions for all of us. It will also send a clear message to the University, that they need to listen to staff. A strong union and a powerful strike means we can continue to improve things in future- we need your support to make that happen.

Strikers are protected and we can replace lost salary

You are fully protected as a striking worker – as we conducted (and won) a legal ballot, you should not face any consequences for taking strike action. You will also be striking alongside hundreds of your colleagues – there is a strength in numbers. While the University will make deductions from your pay for taking strike action we can replace any deducted salary using our strike fund, up to your full take home pay. 

Picket lines and rallies

We will be posting very soon with details of our picket lines and rallies, but everyone will be welcome! You are welcome to bring children, pets, friends and family along, children and pets must be supervised and happy to be in a busy and loud space. We’d also greatly appreciate any visits from supporters. If you can’t make it but like would send us a message of support please do email us at unisonbham@contacts.bham.ac.uk or use our accessible picket (see below)

Please expect: music, whistles, horns & drums, crafting, tea, coffee & cakes! It’s a great chance to meet colleagues from across campus and feel like a part of our community.

Accessible and quiet picket details

We will be running a designated quiet picket for anyone who prefers a calmer atmosphere (this will likely be the picket line by the Guild of Students, but look out for details in our next post!). We want as many members as possible to feel they can come to our picket lines, as this does make a huge difference! Our virtual picket line will also be available for those that cannot attend though. 

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