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Reballot for strike action – there’s still time to vote

Our reballot for strike action at the University of Birmingham has been open for a little under three weeks – if you’ve not yet voted there is still time left. Every vote improves our leverage – you really make a difference by voting. 

Why does striking again matter?

We held 9 days of strike action in 2023. The outcome of those days of action has been palpable. We’ve not only built a really solid, united voice against the University’s high-handed tactics and dubious contract changes, we also saw the University come under real pressure as a result. Our members proved that they wouldn’t stand for being undervalued and ignored.

Through our action, members from across the university shared experiences and their determination to stand up against ambiguous, unfair contract changes. Our action held University management accountable and shone a light on dismissive attitudes towards support staff.

We have to show our strength again, and prove that we won’t just go away. We care that staff members are earning less than the real living wage. We care that weekend and evening work are sorely undervalued. We care that the pay increases weren’t beneficial to long serving staff and that whole departments were cut out completely.

Why do we need to ask you to vote again?

Under the law, a ballot for strike action can only last for 6 months at a time- after which a new ballot has to be held. In each ballot, at least 50% of eligible members must respond for strike action to take place.

This is why every single vote really counts. If we don’t achieve 50% of members voting and a majority voting for action, we will find it that much harder to do anything more to improve the offer.

Why vote yes?

We need to continue our campaign, to sustain the gains we made last year and continue pushing for the change we need, which is why we ask for a yes vote again.

Your voice, your tick on that ballot paper, it’s not just a formality, it’s how we make change together.

Each vote has the power to shape our collective future, so vote yes and vote now.

  • Vote Yes – If you want to improve things for all support staff, including a fair pay rise this year.
  • Vote Yes – If you disagree with the University ignoring trade unions and forcing the decision onto individual staff.
  • Vote Yes – If you are part of the legal claim, and want to keep the pressure up on the University to get a result.

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