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The University of Birmingham management refuse to match any of the branch’s pay demands

We had the 2nd Pay Talks meeting with the University on 13/09/2018, and they have:

– rejected our demand for the institution to become a Living Wage Accredited Employer, leaving many staff on poverty wages
– rejected our 7.5% pay claim and offered us 2% instead (which is below inflation!)
– been unwilling to commit to negotiating with us the restructuring of the pay spines (without pther preconditions such as us putting the terms and conditions on the table), to move to a £10/hour minimum wage and a fair spacing of bands.

We are holding a Branch Members’ meeting on Tuesday 18th September at 1pm in LR3 Arts. Please attend, as the committee will put forward an emergency motion with suggestions regarding what to do next. The motion will be discussed with all members present, and can be amended etc. We need to decide what steps to take from next week onwards.

We have sent an emergency motion on pay to all members. Come to the Members’ Meeting next week to discuss our branch strategy for this year’s pay talks.

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