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Two more strike days announced at University of Birmingham

We call on all staff to strike on 13 and 14 November

In the absence of any improved offer from University management, members have again voted unanimously for strike action, which will take place on the 13 and 14 November. 

Key points for all University staff:

  • Everyone’s support is valued: even if you felt you had to agree to the University’s offer, we would still be really grateful for your support and there is no judgement. You can still help us to get a better deal and call the university to account. 
  • Strike pay in full: Thanks to generous support from UNISON’s central strike fund we believe can still meet all claims for strike pay / salary replacement in full, just as we’ve done for our previous strike days.
  • Our impact: Previous strike days have led to media coverage, support from local politicians and have shown the importance of support staff through the significant impact on essential services.

During this action, we are incredibly proud of how amazingly we have all risen to the challenge, united and showed the University how seriously we feel about the offer. Now, we need everyone’s help for another big show of unity and strength to get a fairer and improved offer for everyone.

Why are you still calling for strike action?

We can’t in good conscience advise anyone to accept contracts with the terms and conditions as they currently stand. Our stance is clear: no one should have to accept less than what they deserve. The offer that the University acclaimed so much has already fallen below the new real living wage rate. To ask members to accept terms and conditions cuts for a rate of pay that doesn’t even pay the bills is an insult. With record numbers of people visiting foodbanks consistently including staff from this University, it is an issue that cannot be ignored any longer. We call on the university to uphold their civic duty and ensure that members of our community are able to afford to live with dignity.

We’ve made it really clear what we think would make the offer fair:

  1. Re-negotiate the terms and conditions statement.
  2. Improve the pay offer.
  3. Make the allowances for weekend and night work fair for all

We will not accept a deal which leaves anyone behind. We will also insist that no-one loses out just for following our advice and holding out for a fair deal.

What if I’ve accepted the offer?

By telling staff to sign or lose significant amounts of money in back pay, or “one off payments,” the University put everyone in an awful position. To some staff, we understand it has been an impossible one. We are here to support, not to judge. We don’t hold it against anyone who felt they needed to sign under those levels of pressure. Whether you signed or not, we do still need your help in whatever way you can, because we do our absolute best work together.

We especially need everyone who can to join us out on the picket lines. We need to stand together to get the best possible deal for everyone, by showing our strength and importance on campus as well as our dedication to getting a fair deal.

What else you can do to help

Here are the three most valuable ways you can support us ahead of and during our action:

  1. Share this post with your colleagues and make sure they understand it’s not too late to join and help us win – our strike action has resulted in a big jump in our membership and we’ve recruited almost 100 new members since our strike ballot opened.
  2. Make sure you are following us on social media, and like and share our posts to help spread the word about our action.
  3. Write to your MP using our template letter – help tell the world that the University is trying to force a bad deal through over the objections of its staff and their representatives.

Your support has been the driving force of our dispute, we’ve achieved great things as a result and we’ll continue to do so. Thank you to every one who has contributed their time or help, it really does make a huge difference- no matter how small the action- we are very grateful.

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