Can’t afford to lose a day’s pay? That’s why we have a strike ballot hardship fund

Can’t lose a day’s pay? The union strike ballot hardship fund can cover the costs for those who need it most

We know many of our members are facing hardship — that’s why we have to strike to win a fairer pay deal and better working conditions for all staff. Remember, any concessions won are permanent!

We have members who use foodbanks due to the dire poverty imposed by a wealthy employer that makes millions of pounds of profit every year, and that pays 109 senior managers more than £100,000/year each. Many of us are carers, dependants, or are dealing with unexpected circumstances. Cleaning staff, for instance, are rarely employed full-time (and usually work 15 or 16 hours/week), so those who are at the bottom of the pay scale have a weekly salary of only £135.

For members facing financial hardship as a result of any strike action, your branch has set up a hardship fund.

This will be used to support members of any band who are in financial hardship because of taking strike action. We aim to make payments within a couple of days of receiving an application from you, with a wage slip showing the deduction from your wages. The amount will be made on a case by case basis depending on your circumstances by 2 branch committee officers (but will otherwise be kept completely confidential).

If I don’t vote for strike action would I still be expected to strike?

Yes, we are a democratic trade union and if the majority vote for strike action then we expect all members to strike. We also know that it is only by acting together that we can for us all.

Can I lose my job if I strike?

No, it is illegal for the University to dismiss anyone for taking legal strike action.

Not voting sends a clear message to management that we are happy with years of below inflation pay rises and threats to Ts&Cs – vote now!

If you’ve got any concerns about the ballot please contact us and we can explain why this is so important.

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