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Picket line details for our strike action this week

We are asking all support staff to join us in striking this week. Participating will help win a better deal for you and your colleagues!

To help us win this dispute we’d love it if you could join us on our picket lines.

On Thursday and Friday this week we will be following a similar plan to our last strike day, with pickets running from 04:45am until 11am, with a brief rally and food at the train station after this.

If you start or want to picket before 7:30am….

Go to the best entrance out of these options:

  • Grange road (by the pavilion / starbucks)
  • University station
  • Opposite the multi-storey car park on Pritchatts road (“Spur” road)

There will be picketers / committee officers at these pickets from 04:45am

After 7:30am the pickets will be in full swing….

You can go to whichever entrance of the University you like, but if you want to be with strikers from your department, go to the following entrances:

  • East gate (by the Guild) – COSS, other corporate services, anyone not listed
  • University station – Catering, MDS, Security
  • North gate (head for the big iron gate by the “D” initially) – Library staff, PPT, accommodation. We are siting the quiet picket on Pritchatts road this time, but there will be louder pickets elsewhere on this road too. 
  • South gate (by the Sports centre) – EPS, LES, Estates, Sport
  • Grange road (next to the Pavilion and Starbucks) – Cleaning services, CAL

Other information

  • Designated quiet picket  – we’ve decided to move our quiet picket for these strike days because we think the Guild will be a bit hectic during Welcome. So the quiet picket will be next to the big iron gates on the North side of campus (on Pritchatts road) as we think this will be the quietest entrance) There will be other pickets on Pritchatts road too for anyone who wants to make a bit of noise!
  • Hot drinks and food will be available on the pickets too (as well as lunch).
  • At 11am on both days we will start to head over to the station for our rally – due to start at 11:30am with lunch afterwards at 12pm (at the latest)

We are finalising our plans for the pickets next week with our colleagues in UCU, who are due to be out on strike with us. Keep an eye out for announcements on this!

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