UNISON Strike Ballot Announcement (May-June 2019)

We can now confirm that the strike ballot will commence on the 15th of May, and you will have until the 3rd of June to post your ballot back. 
Our demands are that the University:
  • Gives an above RPI inflation pay increase for all support staff;
  • Becomes a Living Wage Accredited employer;
  • Eliminates the gender pay gap by 2020;
  • Fixes the Staff Pay Spine and allocates a budget for it;
  • Negotiates with all unions on the joint unions’ report on working conditions at the university.
We’ve also launched a countdown to the start of the ballot on our website – https://uobunison.org.uk/ – where you can also find articles and updates about the ballot and our other campaigns.
Get involved
We need as many people helping us to get the vote out and to build our strength in advance of the ballot. Here are some of the ways you can help:
  • Share this email with other staff in your area – show them that UNISON is fighting against poverty wages and the ongoing erosion of support staff pay. Why don’t they join and help us win! https://uobunison.org.uk/join
  • Join us in handing out flyers about the dispute – you will be paired with at least one committee member or experienced workplace contact in targeting particular areas with publicity. We will need to have more than 500 conversations over the next 4 weeks if we are going to win this ballot.
  • Help us in designing slogans, flyers, posters or other materials.
If you want to get involved, email us or call/text 0796 4926 949 for more info.

If you wish to support the campaign as a non-member, please visit this page: uobunison.org.uk/support2019

We will keep this Dispute page up to date with links to announcements and campaigning materials: https://uobunison.org.uk/dispute

Update your details 
It’s really important that we have up to date contact details for you. Your strike ballot letter will come through the post to the address we hold for you
We also need phone numbers (and ideally mobile phone numbers). We don’t phone members very often at all but we do sometimes need to call you at times when it’s really important – we will want to make sure you’ve received important post and all the information you need about the dispute.
Please fill out our contact details survey to make sure your membership record is up to date https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KZV32R8
Hotel campaign
Have you signed our petition to end outsourcing on campus yet?
We’ve been getting support from councillors and other UNISON branches about our campaign to end outsourcing at the Edgbaston Park Hotel, and we need more people to sign the petition.
Please sign and share with colleagues and friends – let’s send a message to the University that we will stand together against any attempt to slash wages and terms and conditions!
Not a member yet? Join us now! uobunison.org.uk/join
Let’s make the University a better place to work at.

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