UoB Travel Survey & Wellbeing Week – advice

1. UoB Travel Survey

The UoB staff and student travel survey is now live for the month of October.

Please take the time to complete the survey to inform the university about your thoughts including Car Parking!

Feedback from the last survey undoubtedly has helped influence the recent changes to National Express buses and the introduction of the £1 fare.  The survey is used by not just the university, but can influence the actions of travel by UoB staff and noted by Birmingham City Council.

The link is live below so people can fill out whenever.  The survey only takes 5 minutes and there is an opportunity to enter a prize draw for an iPad if they want.



2. UoB Wellbeing Week

You may have recently been made aware that 8-12th October the University is offering a week of activities to support wellbeing at work –www.intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/weekofwellbeing
We encourage you to take opportunities to improve your physical and mental wellbeing at work, but we also want to know if this is a box-ticking exercise. For example:  
Has your manager promoted these events/encouraged you to attend for your wellbeing?
Do you feel that you are too busy to attend?
Have you asked your manager if you can attend an event?
Have you been told you are too busy/understaffed?
Are there equal opportunities for all of your colleagues to take advantage of this initiative?
We would like to hear good and bad feedback from this exercise.  We want to know that all our members have had the chance to take part if they wish BUT we also we want to know if they have been excluded or discouraged.
Please let us know what you think.  Depending upon the outcome we could use your feedback in future campaigns to improve our working environment.


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