What you can do to help spread the word about pay, working conditions, the Dubai campus

We need to bring attention to our campaigns from outside the campus, and as such as many of us as possible need to spread the word about the campaigns on:

  • ·     Concerns regarding the Dubai campus (listed in this letter)
  • ·     Pay and Living Wage Accreditation
  • ·     Working conditions (here is the report with the 30 demands that include subsidised childcare, union recognition in the Edgbaston Hotel, an end to the gender pay gap, tackling casualisation and precarious work on campus, and so on). The report with all the demands can be found here. Please find the ones you feel most strongly about, and contact organisations or individuals who are willing to support the particular demands or the report.

Now is the time to reach out to MPs, councillors, newspapers, TV stations, faith groups, political groups, Universities, student societies, Living Wage Accredited employers, trade unions, campaigning groups and NGOs, well-known figures who are interested in social justice, and anyone else whom you think would be willing to back us. We’ve got much more power when we tackle problems collectively, with messages and support actions within and outside the university.

What you can do:

Are you active in a group of any kind in Birmingham? Do you know your local councillor? Can you attend an appointment with an MP and ask them to support our campaign? Would your volunteering organisation or faith group be willing to write letters to the university, hold meetings with us to discuss the matters listed above, and/or write a short statement in support? Would your arts community group be willing to create an artefact inspired by our demands?

Please get in touch if you need any advice on this. Anything you can do to spread the word would be immensely helpful to everyone working and studying at UoB. Letters sent to the branch or to management, articles in the media or on organisations’ websites, inviting union members to speak at other groups’ events about what’s happening on campus – any of these would be very much needed and necessary to make sure we build positive coalitions that work together for the benefit of us all.

The website ( uobunison.org.uk ) has a lot of information on all the points mentioned above.

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