Birmingham UCU branch show solidarity with Support Staff

We are pleased to have read an article explaining our campaign to UCU members, written by our sister branch on campus, Birmingham UCU. You can read it here: https://birminghamucu.org/2019/05/18/high-noon-for-david-eastwood-unison-uob-strike-ballot/

We also understand that an email has been sent to all UCU members on the University of Birmingham campus, in support of our fight for fair pay, equality, and improved working conditions, as well as our demand and petition to bring outsourced staff (who work for the Edgbaston Park Hotel) in-house. Birmingham UCU members have been helping us with leafleting, spreading the word, sharing posts on social media and letting others know about the way in which support staff are being treated by the University Senior Management.

Online, numerous UCU, UNISON, and IWGB branches have sent us messages of solidarity and shared information about our campaign. High praise has been received especially for our ballot video! We are grateful to Tom for his hard work on it.

Thank you all!

This academic year, we have worked exceptionally well with the UCU branch, one of the most notable results of our joint efforts being our joint union report (https://uobunison.org.uk/joint-report) which we submitted and tried to negotiate on with the University. The latter refused to make significant commitments to any of the demands raised in the report, however we will be continuing to use, update, and put forward our demands together.

Our leaflet addressed to UCU members (regarding the current dispute) can be found here:



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