Call for Real Birmingham Heroes photos!

Call for Real Birmingham Heroes photos!

We find the University of Birmingham’s ‘Birmingham Heroes’ campaign problematic as it promotes a certain kind of elitism and it sends the message that only a few staff are worthy of being called ‘Heroes’.
We believe that we are all Birmingham Heroes:

  • all students
  • all staff staff who:

* prepare and serve the food on campus,
* keep the campus clean and safe,
* order books in the library,
* teach students and offer pastoral care,
* offer counselling and care to staff and students,
* advise students on their future careers,
* fix any problems related to IT, student and staff records, computers, projectors, telephones, broken desks, chairs or faulty doors,
* show solidarity with staff and students,
* undertake research that makes the world a better place to live in,
* are also students and work through Worklink in various roles,
* are on hourly-paid or fixed-term teaching or research contracts,
* maintain the rooms in the Edgbaston Park Hotel,
* administer our paychecks,
* cut the grass and take care of the environment around us,
* deliver our post.

And the list goes on..

Below you can see a photo of four Real Birmingham Heroes – a team of wonderful staff from cleaning services.

If you wish to be part of our Real Birmingham Heroes campaign, please send us a photo of yourself (either on your own, or with your colleagues). We would like to create many more posters such as the one below. If you wish to send you a text for it as well, that would be even better!

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