Five Manifestos for Change in Higher Education

Three manifestos on University Governance have attracted our attention, and made us wonder ‘what would a UoB manifesto look like?’

1. De Montfort University – ‘DMU Renewed. A Manifesto’

It covers the following matters:
* Our governing principles: DMU as a public university
* Governance
* Finance
* Teaching and Learning
* Research
* The Importance of Professional Services
* What is to be done?

2. QMU – ‘ Towards a Cooperative University: A Manifesto of Ideas and Influence’ 

* Towards a Cooperative University: A Manifesto of Ideas and Influence
* Ideas: alternatives for a cooperative university
* Another university is possible

3. Aberdeen University – ‘Reclaiming Our University’

* The Manifesto
* The university and its purpose
* Freedom
* Trust
* Education
* Community
* We have the opportunity to rebuild our university. We must seize it now.

4. Goldsmiths University – the Gold Paper

* A Gold Approach: Building Blocks and Easels
* Governance
* Finance
* Teaching and Learning
* Research
* Infrastructure and support services
* Building a consortium for change
* Next Steps
5. Coventry University – Growth is OK, but … What about quality?
* University leadership – problems at the top
* The biggest risk we face is reputational damage
* Talking shop
* Business as usual
* What about equality?
* Our equality charter

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