Times Higher Education publishes article about our upcoming strike

Times Higher Education have just published a new article regarding our upcoming strike action. It will take place on University of Birmingham’s Open Day, Friday 28th of June. Join us!

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Very quick comments in response to the University’s quotes:

A Birmingham spokesman said the university was “disappointed” by the strike ballot, highlighting that the 2 per cent increase was “exactly in line with the settlement for staff covered by national pay bargaining arrangements, where Unison has not taken industrial action”.

  • It’s funny that UoB are happy to make reference to national negotiations when it’s convenient to them. We hold our negotiations locally, not nationally – the national ballot is separate from ours, and so should the University’s offer be. They are also misrepresenting the national situation. Nationally, UNISON wanted to take action but total turnout was under 50% and as such they were blocked by the anti Trade Union laws which also force us all to ballot via 19th century methods.

“We are now prevented from opening talks due to the proposed action. We have only this week repeated the offer to discuss future pay arrangements, but Unison has refused to do so, instead being set on action.”

  • We’ve always been willing to talk and we remain willing to talk. The University demanded we call off the action before them actually talking to us about their offer. They refused to commit to offering anything concrete in the negotiations meeting.
  • They’ve offered us these vague “assurances” before. The only difference this time is that it was David Eastwood being vague personally! Our members need certainty from the VC that the pay cuts, inequality, & worsening working conditions will stop.
  • The VC did not attend the meeting, of course. He’s probably busy dealing with the whole USS Pensions Scheme scandal and the upcoming USS Strikes! Well done UCU – University and College Union Birmingham UCU & USSbriefs members for holding him to account [https://twitter.com/USSbriefs/status/1139676327743762434]. See you on the picket lines!

More information regarding the strike: https://uobunison.org.uk/strike-date2019

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