Our team of departmental reps and stewards has five new members!

Our team of departmental reps and stewards has five more members!
Please join us in congratulating them.

If you’d like to become a steward or rep, contact us! You will have access to 10 days of training per year (with paid time off from work) and half a day/week paid time off from work to undertake union duties. Please note that we can only have a restricted number of reps/stewards per department.

That said, we can have any number of workplace contacts (a role with less responsibility) across the university.

Julie Alonzo – Learning and Education Rep for College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Emma Green – Equality Rep for College of Social Sciences

Stephen Haynes – Health and Safety Rep for Cleaning Services

Ian Humphries – Steward for Estates

Jon Nichols – Steward for College of Social Sciences

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