University of Birmingham in the news for failing to support survivors of sexual abuse

In the past month, four truly frightening articles have been published in the Student online magazine The Tab and The Guardian about the University of Birmingham’s lack of response, empathy and support for survivors of sexual assault.

We are shocked and disappointed by the news and we urge the University to review its policies and practices so that no other student or staff has to go through the same traumatic experiences. Read the articles below:

  1. ‘I was raped by a Birmingham student and the uni only offered to send a letter to my attacker’
  2. ‘Student ‘raped’ after night out claims University of Birmingham refused to investigate’ https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/student-raped-after-night-out-17064924
  3. ‘Birmingham University refused to look into student’s off-campus rape claim’
  4. ‘More women say Birmingham University refused to investigate rape complaints’

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