Update on the Organiser Job Advert

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Thank you to all applicants who have submitted an application for the organiser vacancy. We really appreciate the interest in this post. Due to the ongoing lockdown and restrictions on work linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve taken the really difficult decision to pause the recruitment of this post until the national situation changes. We simply would not be able to offer the logistical support the role holder would need; we have also not been able to advertise it as widely as possible and understandably, the number of applications has not been as high as we would have expected. In addition the role requires direct engagement with members and non-members which meant that the organiser would have found the complete lack of access to the Edgbaston campus at this time particularly challenging. 
Pausing recruitment of the role means that the fixed term of the post (because of the limited funding) will start at a point where we aren’t in such a difficult situation and we will be able to make it more of a success as a result. We will be considering all the applications we’ve already received as soon as we are able to, as well as opening applications again to allow those who have been unable to apply due to the current situation another opportunity to do so.

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