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Member comments on VC Eastwood’s lack of response to the challenge letter

A member comments on the VC’s decision to ignore our call for him to respond to our low paid member’s letter which we delivered on the 1st of August and have yet to receive a response:

‘To be quite honest I’m actually insulted that my employer, the vice chancellor, has not responded to the letter, it shows how little support staff are thought of, clearly he has the attitude that we can easily be replaced, that may be however would our replacements have the same dedication to the job? Or be as vigilant with food hygiene, allergies and health and safety? Or give the same one to one with our customers? I personally remember around 100 plus drinks that my customers order, I believe I have a good relationship with them and I always have a listening ear, we are not just support staff who make coffee and serve food, we are friends, we are counsellors, we are support when needed, we are a student’s alarm clock during exam period waking them in time for their next exam, we are not just a member that can easily be replaced, we are all part of one big family.

He replies to what he wants, what is going to be good for him. The stuff that makes him look good. The letter makes him look bad.

I feel angry for all staff, the university boosts about equality and inclusivity yet does not listen to the people who keep it functioning, he at least should answer to justify to the students who pay thousands to attend university where the money ends up.’

The letter can be read here uobunison.org.uk/challenge or listened to here:


Here’s a video of our reps on the day of the delivery:

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